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What Is Email Video Marketing? 

If you have not discovered the marketing powerhouse called Email Video. you are missing one of the most exciting new online promotional tools to come down the information super-highway since the advent of the world wide web. The effectiveness and selling power of text based email is already established. but, what if you could increase the selling power of email by a factor of TEN! What if you could add the dynamic power of full color video to any email message. Do you think your sales might increase? You bet they will. By quantum leaps instantly.

It is, in fact, all the power of TV for a fraction of the cost. Why spend a fortune on television ads, which reach a small fraction of qualified prospects, when you can target your full-color video directly to your best and most qualified potential buyers, contributors, or voters? Your sales and profits will skyrocket, you will generate better quality leads, dramatically increase donations or contributions, and enhance your image. No matter what your communications needs, product promotion, service sales, cause related, instructional, demonstration, sales offers, training, etc. They can all be filled more effectively, at less cost, with Email Video.

12 Profitable Reasons to Use E-mail Video to Promote Your Products, Services, or Cause

1. Prospecting by email with all the power of television for pennies on the dollar.

2. Staying in touch with your family, friends, and business associates. Military families with loved ones on deployment find email videos indispensable. Families separated by many miles can still keep grandma and grandpa informed on the activities of their grandchildren without the expense of sending pictures and letters by regular mail. Seeing and hearing little Suzie when she takes her first steps is a priceless benefit of email video.

3. Sending fund-raising messages and appeals-for-support for charities, churches, political campaigns, cause related groups, etc.

4. Send compelling product demonstrations in full-color, with narration and explanation of features, benefits and advantages.

5. Sending customer support messages which put a friendly face with the message, adds dramatically to customer good-will and personalization.

6. Invite prospects to special events, customer appreciation nights, new product launches, etc.

7. Sending "Thank You", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", and "Congratulations", messages with all the dynamic power of TV.

8. Instantly send alerts, warnings, or critical updates about anything to any targeted organization list, audience, group members, etc.

9. Sending customer testimonials that have increased believability and credibility because the prospect can see and hear the person giving the testimonial is a very powerful selling tool.

10. Support dealers, employees, organizational teams, group members, internationally.

11. Send training sessions that improve skill levels and effectiveness with no travel costs.

12 Sending "Get-Out-The-Vote" messages, position statements, rally announcements, fund raising appeals, etc. to voters, constituents, volunteers, etc.

The list of benefits and uses of E-mail Video are almost limitless. The costs have never been more affordable. The technology has never been better. With the huge growth in broadband subscribers, and innovative new video streaming and compression schemes, E-mail Video is now available that is crystal clear and DVD quality. even on most dial-up connections. Incorporating E-Mail Video into your business and personal communications will save you money, save you time, increase your sales and profits, enhance your image, and boost your cash flow. It's a no-brainer.

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